Friday, June 19, 2009

CSE's, Windows Server 2008, Vista, and Craziness

There is a lot of confusion here that I sorted out in the last couple days. Let's look at some terms:

1. Group Policy - Umbrella concept of configuring setting on more than one machine using AD to organize everything.
2. Policies: Settings that cannot be changed by the user.
3. Preferences: These are applied, but the ability of the user to change a setting back is not impeded.
4. Group Policy Preferences - An umbrella concept that really just means all of the CSE's, and there's practically no difference between these and regular preferences.
5. Client Side Extensions - this is an install on client machines to allow more settings to be configured in a group policy object, including the registry.
6. AGPO (Advanced Group Policy Management) - Acronym that means "basically worthless."

A quick look at this site:

Will confuse the crap out of you for the following reasons:
1. It never mentions that Windows Server 2008 has the CSE's installed out of the box.
2. It gives you install files for Vista that won't work on Vista SP2. Why won't they work? Because, as several other people have noted, MS meant to include the CSE's packaged in SP2, but forgot. So every SP2 Vista machine thinks that it already has that update applied, even though it doesn't. Workaround here:

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