Monday, May 2, 2011

NetApp Training Brain Dump: ONTAP 7.3 Boot Menu Option Flowchart

One of the cool things about ONTAP is that it has a very intelligently designed boot process that gives engineers different contexts that are optimized for what you're trying to do: CFE, Diag mode, Maint mode, special boot menu, etc.  You can think of the each of these as a room inside garage of sorts - lots of tools, no interference, no distractions.  You can click here for more information on these menus.

The only thing is, navigating these contexts and knowing which door to walk through is difficult for people who learn visually.  Since I couldn't find an official version of this online (correct me if I'm wrong!), I generated one myself.  I tried to leave out details in the menu that don't relate to changing contexts - you can find information on the menus themselves elsewhere in my blog.  Please note that this is ONTAP 7.3 specific, ONTAP 8 has a dramatically different landscape.   
Courtesy: Me!
(click the picture for zoom)
Suggestions/corrections always welcome!

Props: for flowchart software for converting my .odg to .pdf (my screenshots were coming out poor quality) for converting my .odg to .jpg.

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