Monday, August 1, 2011

DATA ONTAP 8.0 Simulator: SnapMirror

Instructions for setting up SnapMirror on two ONTAP 8.O Simulators.

Your sims probably have the same SYS_SERIAL_NUM.  You'll need to change that on one of them.  Boot to the SIMLOADER prompt (click here if you don't know how) and type the following:


After that step, the filer just kept rebooting, and after several minutes of trial and error I was able to see these messages:

So, I booted into maintenance mode (click here if you don't know how) :
*> disk remove_ownership all
*> disk assign all
*> halt

On reboot, we're in business!  Next step: try to ping from one filer to the other using the filer names.  Since I don't have DNS, I added each to their partner's hosts file.  

Filer2> rdfile /etc/hosts
#Auto-generated by setup Mon Jul 25 16:11:01 GMT 2011 localhost localhost-stack localhost-10 localhost-bsd localhost-20 localhost-sk
#      filer2-e0a
#       filer2-e0b     filer2-simfasmsoe-e0c
#       filer2-e0d

Copy the text above and run 
FILER2> wrfile /etc/hosts
<Right click here to past the text>     filer1

Make sure you pressed enter after adding filer1's line, and press control-c.  Then run another rdfile /etc/hosts to verify.  Perform this on each filer, and then test by pinging.

Next step is to create the aggr's and volumes you'll need (see the link at the end if you need help).  After that, there's a few more setup items, the first being licensing (you can find license here.  Please note that primary and secondary licenses are different).

Next steps:

filer1> options snapmirror.enable
snapmirror.enable on
filer2> options snapmirror.enable
snapmirror.enable on

Next steps:

filer1> wrfile etc/snapmirror.allow
filer2> wrfile etc/snapmirror.allow

Last, kick it off!
filer2> snapmirror initialize -S filer1:vol2 filer2:vol2 failed.  Error message: 

Mon Aug  1 15:15:47 CDT [replication.dst.err:error]: SnapMirror: destination transfer from simfas:vol2 to vol2a : could not read from socket.

After turning off my firewalls, this thread tipped me off that it might be the hosts allow issue, so more steps!

filer1> options snapmirror.access hosts=filer2
snapmirror.access hosts=filer2
filer2> options snapmirror.access hosts=filer1
snapmirror.access hosts=filer1


Credit: The blog below helped guide me through it the first time, but seems to be for an older version so YMMV.

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  1. slight correction:
    options snapmirror.access hosts=filer2

    host instead of hosts