Friday, November 11, 2011

BJJ Tournament Progress

One of the tough parts of competing isn't cutting weight: it's how cutting weight affects your training.

I'm down to 204.2lbs this morning, and when you take less calories in than you burn your body feels tired and achy and sore.  I wonder if it would be beneficial to add 300 calories, and also add 300 calories of exercise?  Is it the calorie deficit that matters in the way your body feels, or the overall nutrition?

Either way, at 11% body fat I certainly have more pounds to cut comfortably without worrying about impact on health too much.  It seems I can lose a half a pound a day without pushing myself too hard.  

Since I can weigh in the day before (Dec 9th at 6pm), I can lose 3 lbs of water weight, and then gain it back overnight.  Which means I really should be 203lbs in the morning! 

In the meanwhile, I've made a lot of progress escaping side control.  I need to spend time working on my guillotines and darce's next.  Booyah!

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