Thursday, December 1, 2011

ONTAP 8.1: What you care about.

DATA ONTAP 8.1: What's new that you care about.
  • Hugely improved parallel processing software.  You should see big improvements in what your CPU's are capable of. 
  • In-place, online 32-64 bit aggregate conversion. Woot!
  • 160TB aggregate limits on 3200 and 6200 series.
  • Support for SnapMirror across clusters.
  • Support for SAS shelves in 7-mode metrocluster.
  • Cluster mode support for NFSv4.
  • Cluster-mode support for dedupe, 7-mode and Cluster-mode support for compression.
  • Cluster-mode support for SAN (FC and iSCSI).
  • Cluster-mode support for non-disruptive OS upgrades.
  • Cluster-mode support for FlashCache.
  • Cluster-mode support for SnapMirror?
  • Cluster-mode support for up to 24 nodes (only 4 if SAN).

Interesting: compression runs before dedupe.  

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