Thursday, January 5, 2012

NetApp Insights: NDU Ifgrp

I'm shamelessly plagiarizing some of my colleagues because this data is just too good to not share.

Q).  Has anybody converted a standalone physical interface into a single-mode vif/ifgrp non-disruptively before?

It should just be a matter of tweaking the partner interfaces and rc files at the appropriate times and doing some takeover/givebacks, but if someone has actually done it for real rather than me working out what I “think” will work in theory then that would be nice.

I’ve got cutting and pasting or “source” a script file that downs all the vlan interfaces, etc then creates a singlemode ifgrp, then recreates all the vlans, aliases, etc as an option, but am also looking for other options that might sound a little bit more NDU to a cust that’s a bit hot at the moment rather than playing with live interfaces on an active controller.

A). As far as the VIF goes I would copy to original rc file, place the new rc in place and yes do takeover/givebacks so long as the networking is done correctly the filers should boot up cleanly using the new rc file.

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