Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NetApp SPC Results

NetApp is buzzing over the last SPC results.  The reason it's important is that we proved we're are able to do a lot with a little.  The test was a first in a few ways:
1.  It's our first performance test of the new cluster-mode software, which is going to be huge.
2.  The test was FC, where NetApp has historically been called the NAS experts by our competitors.  
3.  If you look at the hardware both in cost and amount, we did the same or better latency-wise up to 250,000 IOPS with a smaller number of controllers and disks.

I know list prices don't mean anything, but as a rough guesstimate, look at the 3PAR solution vs NetApp comparison in the recoverymonkey blog (below).  Here's the breakdown:

List: $5,885,148
IOPS: 450,212.66
Latency: 13.67

List: $1,672,602
IOPS: 250,039.97
Latency: 3.35ms

You could buy 2 of the NetApp solutions for half the price, 50,000 more IOPS, and 1/4 the latency of the 3PAR system.  Wow.


Disclaimer: I'm affiliated with NetApp and I'm appropriately biased, but not paid for any of the content on this site.

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