Monday, March 11, 2013

Different Sized Disks in a RAID Group

We encountered an interesting situation up here recently, and it generated a lot of debate between the PSC’s.  We finally locked down the answer, and I figured I would write it up and spread the knowledge! 

 The issue was that a RAID DP group on a system had 13 450GB data drives, 1 450GB Parity drive, 1 600GB data drive, and 1 600GB DP drive.  The data drives were all right-sized to the same “effective used” size, but the 600GB DP drive was showing as not right-sized.  This was in debate because it was commonly believed that all disks within a single RAID Group were required to be the same effective size.

  In an amazing FAQ document (please find it attached), we found the following:

  The document is written by Jay White, a Technical Marketing Engineer widely regarded as the authority on NetApp storage subsystems.  It’s a fascinating series of scenario studies that comes highly recommended.

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