Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reader Question 1: CIFS Changes

Question from a reader!

"Quick question for you. If I move a system to a different subnet and change the IP and rename it, will CIFS shares be affected in any way? Isn’t there an SID that is generated when CIFS is setup. Would that need to change?"

The Active Directory GUID  doesn’t change with the IP address, so if you're only changing the IP you'll just need to update DNS.

But when you change the system name you’ll want to remove the system from the domain, change the IP and/or name, then rejoin the domain under the new name.  

Anyone using the cifs shares will of course be affected by this, since shares are in the format \\\share or \\\share.  Everyone would have to update their shares, their mapped drives, their scripts, saved paths, etc.  

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