Sunday, January 8, 2017

Trident for Kubernetes

Last week NetApp dropped a huge development in the emerging tech market.  It’s called Project Trident, and it makes storage easier for Kubernetes.  Backstory: Kubernetes (also called k8s) started at google, it’s software that manages containers.  Basically you take a bunch of linux servers with Docker installed and tie them together with k8s, and it manages which container should live where.  If a container dies, k8s replaces it with a new one, that kind of thing.  You can think of k8s as Vmware for containers, except free and open source.

Most clients aren’t using basic k8s, but rather enterprise versions of it like RedHat OpenShift or Apprenda for reasons like security, support, and version management.  Trident is compatible with any version of k8s, which means it solves a big problem for RedHat.

Trident is similar to our vCenter plugin only even smoother: it allows k8s to ask a storage array for an NFS share or iSCSI LUN instantly, plus all sorts of LUN management abilities.  Better yet it’s free, open source, and storage vendor agnostic.

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