Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NetApp Experience: CIFS Error

Here's a new case: we have a filer that we're working on getting data off of to retire it, and ran into an ONTAP bug: this filer is unable to execute CIFS commands that will allow us to rename or offline volumes.  This is a big problem for use because renaming and offline-ing volumes are part of our retirement process.  

Part of the solution for this is called an "NMI reboot."  NMI stands for non-maskable interrupt, which basically means the software in the computer is incapable of ignoring this reboot.  You may be familiar with the small pinhole button on a lot of consumer hardware that would "hard reset" the system: that's it.

This system is a clustered FAS980 running ONTAP 7.2.7.   The plan is to use that pinhole button to reset the filers one at a time: when a reset occurs, the system should failover, and no noticeable downtime should result.  After the reset, we'll do a giveback, let everything settle, and repeat the process on the other system.   

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