Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Always On Dedupe

We're finding more and more clients with transient data who want to dedupe all the time.  With more powerful systems and especially the advent of flash, you can set dedupe to run all the time with little to no performance impact.  Here's a primer:

You can set it to always on like this:

Create a schedule object:
cluster:>> job schedule cron create –name per_minute –dayofweek * –hour * –minute 1

Create a dedupe policy linked to that schedule:
cluster:>> volume efficiency policy create –vserver -policy “Always_On_Dedupe” –type schedule –schedule per_minute –qos-policy background –enabled true

Assign that dedupe policy to your volume:

cluster::> volume efficiency on -volume -vserver -qos-policy Always_On_Dedupe

Those commands might be a bit off, I’m writing free-hand here.  It would be easier to use system manager to do it via GUI:

And here are some of the published results:

Design, testing, and results document:

Command Reference Link:

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