Monday, July 27, 2015


I spent some time putting information together on SAN on CDOT.  
-          Basic Architecture
o   CDOT uses NPIV to virtualize WWPNs.  This means any node can take traffic for any vserver, and ALUA optimizes the paths.
o   When zoning, utilize these vWWPNs and not the physical WWPNs.
o   Each SVM gets its own IQN (iSCSI) or WWNN (FC).
o   8-node cluster limit today
o   LUNs can be moved to new volumes non-disruptively inside a cluster
o   Limits
§  CDOT 8.2: 8,192 LUNS per node | 49,152 LUNS per cluster | 2,048 iSCSI sessions per node
§  CDOT 8.3: 12,288 LUNS per node | 98,304 LUNS per cluster | 8,192 iSCSI sessions per node
§  Linux host (8.2): 2,048 devices (# LUNS * # paths) | 16TB LUNs
§  Windows (8.2): 255 LUNs per host, 2TB LUNs (MBR) or 16TB (GPT)
o   FAS80X0 support 4-port 8Gb cards or 2-port 16Gb cards.
-          Useful commands:
o   Network interface show (will show FCP lifs)
o   Fcp show
o   Igroup show
o   Lun show
o   system node run -node cluster1-01 fcp topology show
o   Useful SAN Setup how-to (8.1 but very applicable):
-          Foreign LUN Import: 8.3 feature, no license required.  8.3.1 enables the online import using redirect.  Cutover happens first: pause IO to foreign SAN, present LUN to NetApp.  Foreign LUN shows up as a disk in ONTAP (think V-series) and then map this disk to the original host to serve the data.  Bring everything online, data is copied to NetApp while serving data.  Once it’s all moved, shut down foreign SAN. 

You can find the 8.2 SAN config guide here:
And 8.2.1 SAN Config Guide updates:
8.3 SAN config Guide:

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