Friday, February 19, 2016

CDOT Tip: Performance Troubleshooting

NetApp is engineering simpler, more elegant tools for our clients to manage their large technology deployments.  We’ve found recently that clients are relatively unaware of one tool that can make your life much easier when you are investigating a performance issue: Performance Archives.

Performance Archives has existed in ONTAP for a long time, but beginning with 8.3 (released November 2014), the payload was updated to specifically enable diagnostic use cases, trending use cases, etc.  In 8.3, there is a command “system node autosupport invoke-performance-archive” which allows customers (HTTPS enabled) to ship back up to 6 hours worth of data at a time, collected a much higher resolution than off-box PerfStat ever did (per-second for many counters) AND allows you to “go back in time” up to 28 days, depending on customer configuration. 

The tool we recommended pre-8.3, PerfStat, will continue to function through 8.4 per current plan but we recognize it is post-failure collection mechanism, which is not ideal.  In other words, after you run into a performance issue, you have to set up PerfStat to run and wait for that issue to recur.  Performance Archives gives you the ability to instantly look back several hours and catch what the problem in the act.

We’re also making big improvements to Performance AutoSupports:  We are focused on efficiently streaming real-time performance information to our cloud and making it easier to access this content within the client-facing NetApp ASUP infrastructure. This will allow for our customers and NetApp support engineers to do trending, analytics, diagnostics and more.

And of course OnCommand Performance Manager remains your go-to tool for retaining, graphing, and machine learning analysis for your entire NetApp footprint.

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