Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Performance Archive Part II

More on performance archiving: it collects data at the highest granularity possible for each statistic, often 1 second.  The time range of each dataset is up to 6 hours long, and each node preserves its own set of this performance data. 

There is nothing like this in 7mode (rolling perf data collection) on-box.  You’d have to run perfstats. 

NetApp has tools to analyze the data, but they are not customer facing.    You provide the case number in the command line and it auto-uploads.

You can specify the exact time window you’re looking for:
cs001::> system node autosupport invoke-performance-archive -node cs001-pn01 -start-date "02/22/2016 8:00:00" -end-date "02/20/2016 14:00:00"

There is minimal impact on the netapp system of running this – it already runs in the background and keeps up to 28 days of data.

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