Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BJJ: Armbar from Guard

Pretty amazing, how you learn even things you thought you knew.

My armbar from guard has always been terrible: I've spent years faking that move just to get to something else.  I could never seem to get my hips shifted quickly enough: putting my foot on their hip was too big of a giveaway.  

 But yesterday, everything changed.  Watch this video by world-class black belt of black belts Pedro Sauer: ignore the foot on the hip.  Focus on the other leg.  With no foot on the hip, you can swing your other foot across the person's back in one smooth movement, shifting your hips and catching them by surprise.  So slick.

NetApp Experience: Mixed Ownership

When determining where to add a shelf to a production system, disk show -o is useful in determining which loops/stacks contain disks owned by the controller you're planning for.  When the system is properly set up, this works just fine.  When the system already has mixed ownership on a loop but single ownership on the other loops, you would obviously prefer to expand the single ownership loops.  

But disk show -o will not indicate mixed ownership, so it's a bit of a trap.  The additional step you can take would be to either a)check autosupports before for mixed ownership or b) use disk show -v to show all disks, and verify there are no disks on that loop owned by the other controller.