Monday, August 20, 2012


Things to study:

ISCSI commands

dm-mp Linux supports dm_mp multipathing type.
HBAnywhere =  Emulex
SANsurfer=  Qlogic HBA
Beneficial uses of VLANs: 1) To isolate iSCSI traffic from LAN/WAN traffic. 2) To isolate management traffic from other IP traffic.
zones should be single initiator
direct connect topology allows for guaranteed maximum network performance for iSCSI.
iSCSI access listscontrol which network interfaces on a storage system that aninitiator can access, and limit the number of network interfaces advertised to a host by the storage system.
Power on order: 1) Network Switches. 2) Disk Shelves. 3) Any Tape Backup Devices. 4) NetApp Controller Heads.
Disable ALUA on igroups connecting using the NetApp DSM.

Brocade Switches
Web Tools : Tool to manage Brocade Switches.
cfgshow : CLI command to display all defined zone information.
configshow : CLI command use to verify configuration.
fabricshow : CLI command to display which Brocade switches are connected into a fabric.
supportshow : CLI command to collect detailed diagnostic information from a Brocade FC switch.
switchshow : CLI command to view current nodes connected to the switch

Cisco Switches
Cisco Fabric Manager : Native GUI switch tool for managing Cisco MDS-Series switches and directors.
show zoneset : CLI command to view all defined zone configuration information.
show zoneset active : CLI command to display currently active zoneset.
show version : CLI command to collect information about the firmware version.

NetApp deduplication (ASIS) is enabled on the volume level.
NetApp Host Utilities Kits perform the following functions: 1) They provide properly set disk and HBA timeout values. 2) They identify and set path priorities for NetApp LUNs.
A LUN can be mapped to an ALUA-enabled igroup and a non-ALUA-enabled igroup.
On ESX 4.0 : Path Selection Policy (PSP) for an MSCS LUN should be set to: MRU (Most recently used).