Saturday, December 31, 2011


A few criticisms and notes:

Jon: Roll like there's two feet of water on the floor.  Roll less jerky, flow, let the jiu jitsu do what it wants.  Don't lay a web.

Me: Don't wait when someone passes your guard: get the underhook.  Don't turtle - it's a transition, not a position.  Watch your ankles.  Work on spider.  Work on de la riva.  Look for seminars at gracie barra.  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tournament Recap


  • Work on stand up.
  • Work on attacks from guard (sweep, choke) and how to attack someone who's stalling.
  • Work on balance from side control.
  • Work on getting out of turtle.  
  • Elevator sweep technique.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BJJ Tournament 3

I'm a few days away from my third tournament.  Tournament 1 I tried blue belt NAGA @199, lost twice in a row to the same guy - I wasn't tight enough or patient enough.  Tournament 2 @210, I went 7-3 in white belt and absolute (all belts) - I did great against most people, but got gassed at the end because my competitors hadn't done as many matches as me.

Tournament 3 is going to be @199 again, and I'm cutting weight from 208.  The over-hydrate process hasn't been too bad, but here's a few notes:

Nutrition Plan:
32 ounces = 1 quart
4 quarts = 1 gallon
256 ounces = 2 gallons
Aiming for 1500 calories/day, 1 banana per day.

My plan:
Day T-5: no carbs, 1.5 gallons of water.  Sodium.
Day T-4: no carbs, 2 gallons of water.  Sodium.
Day T-3: no carbs, 2 gallons of water.  (only got  210 ounces) Sodium.
Day T-2: no carbs, 2 gallons of water.  Sodium.
Day T-1: no carbs, 1 gallon of water before 6pm, no eating/drinking after.  Basketball game at 7pm to get a sweat in.  no sodium.
Weigh-in Day: no meals/drinking til weigh ins at 6pm.  2 energy bars allowed during the day to keep functioning at work.  Sauna option if my weight isn't down far enough.  No sodium.

Pro Tips:
- Gum helps fight dry mouth.
- Drinking a ton of water sucks.  Pee as often as you can (teaches your body to process quickly), and I use crystal light to make the water palatable.
- Your body can process about 32 ounces/hour AT MAX, and sustaining that rate is dangerous.  Be disciplined, spread that liquid out over the day.
- Don't drink water in the last couple hours before bed - it'll keep you up all night!
- Processing this much cold water during the winter can lower your body temperature.  Just keep this in mind.

Fight game plan:
- Aggression
- Go for leg triangles as the end game every time, but don't telegraph it.  Do the opposite.
- Fake leg submissions to get them out of position.
- Fight like hell to get out of side control when I get into it.
- Roll from turtle
- AVOID LEG LOCKS by keeping tabs on my ankles.

I'm feeling a lot more confident in my ability to pull off arm triangles and armbars right now, and my omoplata is coming along.  If I get an omoplata, I'll look to set up a triangle rather than sweep/submit.

From guard, I'll pull him in and look for rubber guard, kimoras (fake the guillotine), and bump sweeps.  From his guard, I'll look at the sky and use the ankle break.  From his back, I'll focus on RNC but consider armbars and especially bow and arrow.  In guard pass, I'll focus on sucking his legs in, keeping my head down, and controlling his hips.  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

ONTAP 8.1: What you care about.

DATA ONTAP 8.1: What's new that you care about.
  • Hugely improved parallel processing software.  You should see big improvements in what your CPU's are capable of. 
  • In-place, online 32-64 bit aggregate conversion. Woot!
  • 160TB aggregate limits on 3200 and 6200 series.
  • Support for SnapMirror across clusters.
  • Support for SAS shelves in 7-mode metrocluster.
  • Cluster mode support for NFSv4.
  • Cluster-mode support for dedupe, 7-mode and Cluster-mode support for compression.
  • Cluster-mode support for SAN (FC and iSCSI).
  • Cluster-mode support for non-disruptive OS upgrades.
  • Cluster-mode support for FlashCache.
  • Cluster-mode support for SnapMirror?
  • Cluster-mode support for up to 24 nodes (only 4 if SAN).

Interesting: compression runs before dedupe.