Friday, September 20, 2013

Snap Sched

Need to know your snapshot schedules?  Remember, daily and weekly snapshots are always at midnight. 

snap sched syntax:
<# of weeklies to be kept> <# of daily's to be kept> <# of hourlies to be kept>@

example 1:
Volume n1b_sys_vol: 0 2 6@8,12,16,20
takes no weekly snapshot, takes a daily snapshot and keeps up to 2 of them, and takes an hourly snapshot at 8am, noon, 4pm, and 8pm, keeping up to 6 of those hourly's.

example 2:
Volume n1b_sys_vol_snaps: 1 1 2@10,16

Takes one weekly (keeps for a week), one daily (keeps for a day), and 2 hourly at 10am and 4pm (keeps only two)

example three:
Volume n1a_corp_g1: 0 31 120
Takes none weekly, one per day (keeps for 31 days), takes one hourly (keeps for 120 hours).