Thursday, July 28, 2011

NetApp Training Brain Dump: ONTAP 8.0 Simulator Troubleshooting

In previous posts here and here, I went through how to set up your ONTAP 8.0 simulator.  Unfortunately, on one of my laptops, the vm kept rebooting automatically, kicking out cryptic messages right before it shut down again.

I tried reinstalling the VM with a complete redownload of the ONTAP simulator, to no avail.  Here's how I ended up getting this actually fixed:
  1. Use this flowchart to control-c into the Special Boot Menu
  2. Choose option 4 and use 'y' to confirm this choice twice.
  3. When the machine finishes the complete wipe, use the above flowchart again to enter the 'Loader' menu.  
  4.  From there, use boot_backup to boot to the backup kernal.
  5. When the system boots up, you should be able to run setup successfully.  
Finally, NetApp has awesomely provided trial licenses for your simulator, covering just about anything you'll want to check out.  NetApp login required!

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