Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NetApp Experience: Shelf ID

Encountered something cool recently that totally stumped NetApp experts: a DS4243 shelf whose shelf ID had gone crazy.  The ID was set to 19 when it should have been set to 11, and the 1 was blinking.  The system recognized the ID as 19 and functioned normally, but the shelf would not respond to the shelf-ID selector button that should have allowed me to change it.  There was a disk drive missing in slot 4: this turned out to be unrelated as far as I can tell.  At the software level, ACP and everything else just saw the ID as 19! Steps I tried:

- Power cycle the shelf (no effect).
- Change shelf ID (Wouldn't respond).
- Reseat the IOM modules (no effect).
- Update firmware (no effect).
- Replacing missing drive (no effect).

Got on the phone with NGS, and at the end of the day there was nothing else we could try.  They shipped out a new chassis and we swapped it out, placing the old disks, power supplies, and IOM modules into the new chassis.  Set the new chassis's shelf ID and everything worked great!

Details for future reference:
1TB DS4243 with IOM3's hooked up to a 6080 cluster, MPHA.  2 stacks of 2 shelves.

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