Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AT&T and iPhone

Since my AT&T contract is up, I'm considering upgrading my iPhone 3GS.  The rep told me I could save money on my plan by going to a 2GB data limit ($25 instead of $45).  I need to keep text and voice as unlimited - my experience is that you'll end up going over and spending that money anyway, so you might as well use it.

Last time I checked, I never used anywhere near 2GB/ I checked again, and here's what I found: 
Credit: Me and AT&T
My data usage on the same 3GS I've always had has shot through the roof.  That may be my job (switched in April), that may be a change in my behavior, that may be software eating up data passively.  I don't know - I need to break this down further.

I went to their website | wireless | usage & recent activity | "more details" under "Data" | Selected "Filter Data Usage by: Internet/MEdia Net" and then sorted by transmission size.  I found 0.833GB in November from 32 entries in 18 days of usage.  I have a great wireless connection at home, so I'll try to utilize that better for the next 12 days and see what the results are.

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