Saturday, July 23, 2016

SolidFire vs EMC ScaleIO

Doing a bit of research and thought I'd write this down for posterity.  Disclaimer: I'm a SolidFire engineer.

SolidFire Pros:

  1. All-Flash optimized
  2. Global, inline dedupe and compression
  3. Enterprise data services:
    1. Snapshots, cloning, replication (sync, async, snapshot based)
    2. Automation (openstack, api's, etc)
    3. Vvols support and vmware integration
  4. QOS
  5. iSCSI or FCP

ScaleIO Pros:
  1. All flash or hybrid
  2. No dedupe or compression.  Never will have global dedupe.
  3. Scales larger (1,000 nodes instead of 100 nodes)
  4. Wider whitebox support
  5. iSCSI only
  6. Can live on top of a compute node, occupying free resources.
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