Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NetApp Experience: 4a Issue

Putting this on the web because I couldn't find a single page on the internet with this error on it.  This will be kind of a sparse post since it's not meant to be noob-friendly.

I was working on 4a-ing a controller on a FAS3050c with 1 shelf of 500GB SATA drives.  Here's the series of events:

  • I had 4a'd the system and the console said it had completed zeroing disks.
  • RLM Console stopped responding, LCD read "Zeroing disks"
  • Plugged directly into console, still not responding
  • Console issued these errors:

Tue Apr 26 16:47:07 GMT [ems.engine.inputSuppress:info]: Event 'driver.com.overflow' suppressed 66 times since Tue Apr 26 16:42:07 GMT 2011.
Tue Apr 26 16:47:07 GMT [driver.com.overflow:info]: serial controller's input buffer is full.

  • I power cycled with RLM
  • FAS booted up, stated the controller had panicked, and did a core dump.  Rebooted.
  • I 4a'd again.
  • Repeated "driver.com.overflow" errors.
  • Came back up just fine.  I was able to netboot and get the system up and running.

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