Monday, April 25, 2011

NetApp Training Brain Dump: Quick Hits

Here are some important facts to note that don't really belong in my other posts.  I'll keep this updated over the next couple weeks.

Quick Hits:
  1. You can suspend a specific protocol (e.g., turn off CIFS access).
  2. 500A098 is NetApp's base WWPN string.
  3. ~80% of NetApp's hardware support calls are the hot swappable units (Fan, PSU, Drive).
  4. There are about 40,000 FAS systems in the US, 150,000 in the world (4/24/11).
  5. Don't use HyperTerminal to access a FAS system console.  PuTTY is your friend.
  6. Give SAS/SATA/FC their own shelves and loops.  Don't mix and match.
  7. The FAS3140 doesn't have the 2 minute PSU countdown to a system halt, but best practice is still 2 minute replacement time.
  8. FAS2000 series internal disks are unusual and specific.
  9. FC disks are up to 750GB now (4/24/11)
  10. ONTAP data blocks are minimum 4k.

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