Thursday, April 24, 2014

CDOT 8.2.1 Summary

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this CDOT 8.2.1 documentation.  There is a TON new and improved in 8.2.1 over 8.2, as well as some cautions.  I’ve highlighted a few here.

  • Support for FAS8000 series
  • V-Series feature now called “FlexArray,” a non disruptive on-the-fly licensable feature.
  • Support for qtree exports
  • Storage Encryption support
  • Support for direct attach E-Series configurations
  • Non-Disruptive shelf removal support
  • Log and core dumps available via http:///spi/
  • SQL over SMB3 non-disruptive operations support
  • VMware over IPv6 support
  • Offbox antivirus support
  • Health monitoring of Cluster Switches
  • Increased Max aggr sizes
  • 32-64-bit aggr conversion enhancements
  • Automatic Workload Analyzer, which assesses how the system would benefit from SSDs (Flash Pool)
  • Support for “Microsoft Previous Versions” tab on files (8.2 and later)

  • Some Hitachi or HP XP array LUNs might not be visible.  “In the case of Data ONTAP systems that support array LUNs, if the FC initiator ports are zoned with Hitachi or HP XP array target ports before the storage array parameters are set and the LUNs are mapped to the host groups, you might not be able to see any LUNs presented to the Data ONTAP interface“
  • NFSv2 not supported. Windows over NFSv3 not supported.
  • Verify management software versions are compatible.
  • First VLAN configuration may temporarily disconnect the port.
  • LUN revision numbers change during upgrades.  Windows 2008, 2012 interpret these as new LUNs.  
  • Dedupe space considerations and clearing stale metadata for upgrades.
  • Cautions for proper cluster and vserver peering methods
  • Cautions for proper vol move methods

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