Thursday, April 24, 2014

CDOT and Show Mount

FYI, NetApp has a quick workaround to get show mount to work.  From the ReadMe:

This tool provides 7-Mode functionality in Clustered Data ONTAP for the "showmount -e" command as it is executed by an application as a workaround tool until the official ONTAP fix in 8.3.

It is a set of scripts which needs to be copied to the client machines on which the 'showmount -e' command will be executed and hence replacin the original showmount command binary.

The steps to use this showmout wrapper:

1.Move the existing /usr/sbin/showmount to /usr/sbin/showmount_old. This is very important step.

2.Copy the files [,,,, showmount] from showmount_export folder to /usr/sbin.

3.Update the showmount file with proper username and password for the storage virtual machine access

4.Execute showmount -e

Note: Please make sure the LIF "Role" is data and "Firewall policy" is mgmt, when you create the LIF from CLI or If you use system manager to create LIF (storage virtual machine -> select the svm -> configuration -> Network Interface -> create ) and make sure to select "Both" in "Role" screen of the LIF

5.Check the results are coming then try with OVMManager.

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