Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to convert from 7-Mode to CDOT

Here is a publicly accessible document on converting your old 7-Mode systems to NetApp's new operating system, CDOT.

An excerpt:
Perform the following steps to convert from Data ONTAP 7-Mode to Data ONTAP 8.0X Cluster-Mode
  1. Disable 'Cluster Failover' and reboot the node to the LOADER prompt. Do not perform a takeover.
  2. Boot each node to the LOADER prompt and ensure that the following variables are set:

    To convert from 7-Mode to Cluster-Mode:
    LOADER> set-defaults
    LOADER> setenv bootarg.init.boot_clustered true
      setenv bootarg.bsdportname
  3. Boot the node with this command:
  4. When the nodes are booting, press CTRL+C to enter the Boot menu.
  5. At the Boot menu, select wipeconfig on each node.
    * Press Ctrl-C for Boot Menu. *
    How would you like to continue booting?
    (normal) Normally
    (install) Install new software first
    (password [user]) Change root/user password
    (setup) Run setup first
    (init) Initialize disks and create flexvol
    (maint) Boot into maintenance mode
    (syncflash) Update flash from backup config
    (reboot) Reboot node
    Please make a selection: wipeconfig

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