Monday, June 1, 2015

CDOT Tip #3

Let’s tackle some networking!  Networking is admittedly not my strong suit, so please pepper me with questions if you see something amiss.  Some of these are general recommendations that may not be applicable to you, but they’re good to at least have reference to.
  • Remember, each lif type needs a routing group (mgmt, data, etc)
  • If you create a temporary IP address it may create a temporary routing group.  Make sure you go back and clean it up.
  • Remember to create the ifgrp before your lifs.  It’s a pain to go back!
  • If the switch port is type access, our ifgrps can’t have vlans. We recommend using switch port type trunk even if there’s only 1 vlan to allow for future flexibility
    • switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
  • Portfast on
  • Disable IP fastpath
    • ::> node run -node * -command "options nodescope.reenabledoptions ip.fastpath"
    • ::> node run -node * -command options ip.fastpath.enable off
  • Disable flow control on all non-Unified Target Adapter (UTA) network interfaces and their associated switch ports
    • ::> net port modify -node -port   -flowcontrol-admin none
  • Create per-network/VLAN failover groups and modify network interface failover-group setting accordingly
    • ::> failover-groups create -failover-group -node -port [-vlan_id]
    • ::> network interface modify -vserver -lif -failover-group
  • You can do a net int show and use –fields pick field names (like routing-group) that aren’t showed by default.  Very useful
  • You can choose which lif to use when pinging.  This is a fantastic testing tool!  net ping -lif-owner svm -lif smlif -destination gwaddress
  • You can’t create a 2-node cluster unless the cluster network is up.  So if you’re setting up a switchless cluster, make sure you connect from each 10Gb port directly to the other node’s IC port.
  • If you’re setting up a switchless cluster, you need to follow these instruction on both nodes.
    • ::> set advanced      (y) 
    • ::*> network options switchless-cluster modify -enabled true

Bonus tip!
If you need to halt one controller without impacting the HA partner, there is no longer a cf disable option.  Use halt with an inhibit takeover switch (there’s also a restart inhibit takeover switch).

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