Monday, June 1, 2015

CDOT Tip #5

In 7-mode, configuration is largely stored in files: there are /etc/rc and /etc/exports, etc.  In CDOT, configuration is stored in optimized databases.  Here’s a quick primer on the main ones and what they do:

Replicated Database (RDB):
¡  Consists of four independent replication units:
     Mgwd: management gateway
     VLDB: volume location database
     Vifmgr: VIF (LIF) manager
     BCOM: Blocks Configuration Object Manager
¡  Uses data replication service for cluster configuration
     Platform for single system image management
     Synchronizes configuration data (e.g. volumes, LIFs)
¡  Stored in each node’s root volume
¡  RDB processes run in user space on each node
¡  Do not manipulate directly  - only via CLI/System Manager/ZAPI

And some relevant admin tips:
     Snapmirror, ems logs and others
¡  /mroot/etc/log/mlog or
     RDB logs (bcomd, mgwd, vifmgr, vldb)
     Core dump files               
¡  Event Viewer, cluster CLI event command or remote Web access are preferred methods to systemshell
¡  Access to any node’s mroot and logs, from any node
¡  Via systemshell (can ftp logs)
¡  Preferred: read-only Web access to log and core dump directories – available if node is online or taken over by its HA partner
¡  Setup KB 1013814: How to enable remote access to a node’s root volume in a cluster

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