Monday, June 1, 2015

CDOT Tip #4

Cool trick – You can watch traffic to an individual file in CDOT 8.3 with QOS policy groups:

cdot::qos policy-group> create -policy-group file_iops -vserver tdnas1                

cdot::qos policy-group> show
Name             Vserver     Class        Wklds Throughput 
---------------- ----------- ------------ ----- ------------
file_iops        tdnas1      user-defined 0     0-INF

Now you set this policy group per file:

cdot::> file modify -vserver tdnas1 -volume datastore_volume -file windows.vmdk -qos-policy-group file_iops

Then, you can do a perf analysis on the qos policy group

cdot::qos statistics performance> show -policy-group file_iops
Policy Group             IOPS      Throughput    Latency
-------------------- -------- --------------- ----------
file_iops                   1           0KB/s        0ms
file_iops                   1        0.00KB/s     2.00ms

Note: you only see the file_iops policy-group when doing the statistics command while there is actual traffic on the file with that policy group. otherwise you’ll only see –total- which reflects the whole cluster. 

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